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Designed in Poland – Proudly Crafted in the United States. Manufacturing Direct and guaranteed ORIGINAL product.*Buy TODAY! LIMITED quantities made for US fishing market! Each set differs from other sets in color / shape / style.

10 packages for $ 20.00 ( plus S&H) / 20 packages for $ 30.00 ( plus S&H). Each pack is assambled with 5 mixed lures ( Relax grubs / Relax Kopyto shads / Relax Turbo Twisters and standard Relax Twisters - mixed sizes and colors) All made here in the U.S.A.

10 package mixes ( $ 20.00 ) = 50 pcs of mixed lures.

20 package mixes ( $ 30.00 ) = 100 pcs of mixed lures.

Model Number Pieces Color Price Add to the Cart
RELAX MIX 10 pk / 20 pk

*as shown (Mix)

$ 20.00

$ 30.00

Package number 10 or 20

Please note that selected Relax Lures are exclusively shipped to USA and Canada. European and Russian anglers should contact their local dealer for availability and delivery options. For more info in regards to availability in special regions; Europe, Russia, Africa and Asia – feel free to contact our corporate office in Poland (e-mail: info@relaxlures.com , Tel# (+48) 74-833-5406 )

The 21 pro pack Stingers are HERE! Bentley Stinger jigs are exclusively made for Euro market and only limited quantities are available for angler direct sales. Limited run. Limited quantity. Russian Tungsten, European craftsmanship combined with hook - setting power of top quality Japanese fishing hooks. BFUSA Stinger custom jigs are designed for everything from finesse ice fishing to aggressive fast diving jigging . In all …. you will experience fishing with an extremely effective weapon for hunting crappies, bluegills, perch and many other species of panfish. Buy 21 pack and save. The 21 pcs set includes 7 small, 7 medium and 7 heavy heads. The 21 pcs pro pack covers finesse panfishing, crappie fishing to jumbo perch fishing.  

7 pcs Ice Hornets

Size 3

Heavy heads

Model Number Pieces Color Price Add to the Cart
Size # 2,3&4 STNG 21 21

*as shown (Mix)

$ 29.99

Hot Buy! ( Size # 2 ,3 and 4 ) * No custom color mixing packages. All units are sold in color combinations as shown in above selection.

Buy TODAY! LIMITED quantities made for US fishing market!

Custom signature series panfishing jigs by Bentley Fishing USA. Original - 100 % Moryshka (Marmooska). Bentley Fishing USA Marmoosha panfishing jigs signify an absolute apex in fishing tackle. Our crappie, blue gill, perch fishing jigs hold one of the largest sizes to weight ratio of all panfishing jigs on the market. Tip Bentley Bumble Bee with your favorite micro soft plastics, waxies, spikes and you are ready to tackle panfish like a PRO.

Bentley Fishing Bumble Bee Marmooska Jigs

BFUSA mixers- Best Cutsoms Floats in USA

New sets. Randomly mixed BFUSA floats. Each set is mixed from our extensive selection of custom floats and bobbers. Custom sets come as randomly packaged panfishing floats / micro-panfiishing floats / river floats / night fishing floats / slip bobbers as well as specialty floats exclusively crafted for Euro and Russian fishing market. Each set differs from other sets in color / shape & style of floats. It's time to make your tackle box shine. Impress your friends for less. If your are serious about float fishing - you will NOT be dissapointed with our quality. Catch more fish with BFUSA.

15 PACKS for 25.00 ( plus S&H) / 35 PACKS for 50.00 ( free shipping and handling ).

Model Number / Size Weight Color Style Add to the Cart

15 pkg / 35 pkg





Shipping & Handling: Flat $4.95 S&H for all orders below $50.00. FREE SHIPPING on BFUSA sport fishing products for orders of $ 50.00 or more. S&H specials are not applicable for international orders. For world wide freight forwarding contact our export department at sales@bentleyfishing.com or simply click on below shipping and handling icon for more info. Bentley Fishing USA fully complies with all U.S export control laws and regulations. Diversion contrary to U.S. law prohibited. For the complete list of countries with shipping embargoes click here.

Future Product – Coming Soon ! New Bentley Lock & Load Snaps. Change Lures in seconds!!


Bentley Fishing USA, an Expodex Corporation, sport-fishing tackle manufacturer and distributor. Developer of award winning bobbers, floats, spinners, spoons, crank baits, custom ice fishing and pan fishing jigs, soft plastic lures and purpose-built fishing accessories.Mission Statement: To set the standard for excellence in sport fishing tackle manufacturing thought total commitment to quality, dependability and ground-breaking innovative thinking. To be the recognized sport fishing industry leader, through total commitment in providing best quality tackle to professional and amateur anglers fulfilling their true passion for the fishing sport, by maintaining our uncompromising integrity in manufacturing process, delivering full technical support for our international network of clients (avid fishing anglers), continuing sustained growth in usage of technologically advanced materials and continuing revolutionizing sport fishing tackle industry. Always a Cast Ahead™ Team BFUSA division of Expodex Corporation.



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