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New service addition. Now you can submit your question or fishing tip directly to our angler’s social site. Our team will be glad to post your tips and product questions on our angler’s Questions and Answers page. Click here or scroll down to the end of the page to submit your question or fishing tips.

Random questions and answers.

Q:I caught a bunch of fish with your floats.
Would you happen to have a retailer in Oregon that carries your bobbers.

A:At this time our team in USA is providing direct e-commerce based customer sales in that state.
There are no physical fishing dealer locations with Bentley Fishing Bobbers in the state of Oregon

Q:I am trying to have a better understanding of how to rig your swivel bobbers?

A: Please refer to this link………………………..
There is another way of rigging this type of bobber – please open our bobber rigging method page and see option number one.
This is one of the most versatile way of rigging our swivel bobbers.

Q: New to bobber fishing – well new to fishing overall – what do I need to look for in selecting bobbers – you assortment is quite extensive and I am having trouble with selecting bobbers that I would like to use for fishing small ponds around my housing complex.

A: Remember every little detail counts
Keep in mind that effective float fishing starts with solid understanding of what you do. In order for you to significantly improve your fish catching skills you have to be able to select right bobbers for your fishing style. In order to be successful in bobber fishing you have to follow simple rules.
· Fish for panfish with small to medium size bobbers that will provide you with best sensitivity and strike indication.
· Explore fishing with floats that have different body styles – weather changes consistently – increase of wind as well as size of the waves may affect your bobber fishing. Selecting proper body style of the bobber for such changes in fishing conditions may improve your ability to catch more fish.
· Selecting bobber style and size should be determined by size of waves, wind strength, the depth of the water, shyness of fish, current, type of bait use and required casting distance

Learn more about choosing the right bobber.

Explore bobber’s body styles and their use in fishing.

Q: Hi- Do you sell any bobbers specifically for salt water striped bass fishing. I'm worried about the bobbers pinching the line and bluefish breaking the line.Thanks John.

A: It is all about the numbers. We pulled some sales data from last year spring stripe bass migration ( the states that we took into this data were NJ, NY, CT, RI and MA) We have also looked into our European sales data and product selection that has been used for saltwater fishing in Baltic sea expeditions ( not for stripe bass of course)
This is the list of bobbers that was moving in large quantities for that bass migration season
Our Bentley Fishing ROX bobbers collection
Model number 6249

Model number 6338

Model number 6339 in larger size 6339-030

Model number 6423

and some anglers decided to use our 6393 display/ working big game bobber

Q: I would like to know the origin of your bobbers. I have been an avid float fisherman for years. I decided to give your product a chance and you guys surprised me with bobbers that far exceeded my expectations.

A: Our team is very pleased with your comments about our fishing products. Thank You.
Expodex Corporation (Bentley Fishing USA) is grateful to state that we do not subcontract, manufacture and use raw materials from any Asian countries as well as China. We are one of the few remaining sport fishing companies that fully utilize European craftsmanship as well as US labor. Our soft lure production division operate here in the U.S.A and employs America’s best soft lure craftsmen. Remaining tackle including sport fishing bobbers and fishing accessories are handcrafted in our facilities in Poland.

Q: I live in Colorado and I am looking to purchase durable river bobbers. Which one of your bobbers is best for fast running streams and rivers?

A: Our entire collection of bobbers is covered with unique water based varnish to prevent abrasion. Focus your attention on our river fishing bobbers.
Below links represent our special fast running waters bobbers. Please take a look at their building structure and see their rigging methods – we believe that these bobbers will be best suited for you fishing style.

Q: Subject: question on product availability? I see on your site where I can buy your bobbers through paypal, but can I buy the relax shads through your site? I can’t see how! Or is there somewhere on-line that I can purchase them I have used them in the past and love them. But I can not get them from the same place anymore. I live in North Dakota. Any help you could provide would be appreciated!! Thank you.

A: Relax Lures are only available in Europe, Easter Europe all parts of post Soviet provinces that are now independent counties, far East, Australia, Middle East , and parts of Africa. While our product is proudly manufactured in the USA we do not plan to distribute any of our soft plastic lures in this country.
Please be aware that models sold by independent sellers in USA were purchased as scrap material. Our plant managers in US are no longer allowed to sell any lures to individual buyers. Quality control must be at 100 % and we will not allow for any lures that did not pass inspections to exit manufacturing facility.

Q: Your Bumble bee marmooshaks are well-known in ice fishing community. I was wondering if we can use them for crappie fishing here in Alabama.

A: Fact is that our Bumble bee found a steady place in North American anglers tackle boxes. Bentley tungsten jigs where used by our pro staff and were directly related to winning Ice Team of the Year, smaller sizes 1 and 2 were used by our National Polish Ice Team who took second place (silver medals) during 2010 World Ice fishing championships. Mentioned accomplishments are all related to ice fishing, but in fact Bentley Fishing Bumble bee jigs as well a Tarantula jigs are Just as deadly for panfishing during any other season of the year. They are superbly fitted for fishing Crappies, bluegills, sunfish and perch. Bentley jigs can be used in regular jigging methods as well as fishing methods that involve specific water depth penetration that can be achieved with simple addition of any custom panfishing bobbers from our collection.

Demon- Bentley Fishing Pro-Series Lure RetrieverQuestions asked by anglers about Bentley Fishing Demon lure retriever.

Q: I fish with lures that are 7 grams ( ¼ oz ) to 30 grams ( 1 oz ) – which version of lure retriever will be best matched to free my lures. John S. WI

A: Version B – 120 grams 4.5 oz is suited for this task. Demon B 120 is designed to handle pulling our lures of this size.

Q: What is the difference between lure retriever A and B – is it just the weight?
Joseph B. MI

A: Correct, the difference between lure retriever A and B is capacity (weight). What makes these two models stand apart is the weight – that in fact in some occasions creates a huge difference when your lure retriever dives down to your lure though ad penetrates heavy underwater vegetation. The 170 grams edition allows you to hit the bait with greater force in case if the lure needs to be pushed back from its hook set. We recommend going with a smaller 12 grams version for your light and smaller size lures and selecting a 170 grams lure retriever for medium to large size baits.

Q: Looking for night fishing Walleye bobbers – which fishing floats would I need to be looking at in your selection.

A: Here are some choices that you can sort though and select the right bobber for your fishing style. Please remember to select proper size of the bobber to the bait size that you will be using. Most of the selections provided in below links will allow you to choose any ware from 2 to 5 bobber sizes.

Q/Comment: Hello Bentley,
"I started panfishing extensively for the past 2 years. I first purchased your product a year ago just searching on the internet for well crafted floats. I had recently purchased 201-58-020GRN & blue expert floats. Great product!!! I love the design, especially the fish design and the colors of blue and green. Is it possible to add a red color to your line of these well crafted expert floats. Not only it should look good in the water, also it should look good on your hanging on your bream buster :))" Todd, FWB, FL

A: Hello Todd – Our Company fabricate an assortment of bobbers in red colors. Unfortunately the bobbers that you selected are not available in red. Vast majority of our bobber selection is engineered to suit fishing anglers in Europe and color selection is based on the demand created by our European clients. The selection of bobbers available in US was based on the demand of anglers who provided their feedback and color selection during our sport show exhibits and presentations. Once again, our team appreciates your remark, as always any comment counts. We see that you enjoy panfishing, we do offer one of our bobbers in red – click here to view this model. It is a lightweight bobber, but the body of the float is much wider that the panfishing bobbers from your purchase selection. Per specila requests - our team in USA is able to sell individual units from special package provided in above link. Marek Nawrocki – Team BFUSA (engineering department – Poland )

Q: How do you rig Relax shads? Mike Daniels , WI

A: Here is a step by step example of rigging Relax soft plastic shads onto a fishing jig.









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